Corporate Commissions

In 2015, Jean was approached by the National Swim Pool Foundation (NSPF) about creating a custom mural for their entrance area.   Their specific requirements included
Subject:  Clean water in a swim pool
Sense of Place:  Incorporate the Colorado Springs landscape
Size:  Fill an 8 foot by 4 foot wall area  
Transportability: Two wrapped-canvas panels
Jean utilized photo references collected at several swim pools and along roadsides at different times of the day to capture the  topography of the mountain range.  Jean delivered the oil painting to the NSPF headquarters eight weeks later and received an enthusiastically happy reception.  
Since then, Jean also delivered a custom 30"x40" painting with which segments or all of the painting were utilized for five book covers of NSPF instruction manuals and sold internationally.   

NSPF Mural


8' x 4' on Two Canvas-wrapped panels

Jean Cuchiaro  2015


Pet Portrait Commissions

Jean Cuchiaro often laughs as she tells people that her kids enjoyed lots of pets through the years - dogs, bunnies, parakeets, cockatiels, hermit crabs and fish...and probably others that she hasn't heard about or discovered yet.....    Currently, Jean enjoys a cockatiel and two lop-eared bunnies who reside in her art studio.    She has found that clients commission her for portraits in memory of a well-loved pet or as a gift for a partner to enjoy their pet's image while at work.   



8" x 8" on wrapped-canvas

Jean Cuchiaro


Encaustic (with Black and White photo)


Jean Cuchiaro

Other Commissions

Dr. Scott's fiance wanted to surprise her soon-to-be husband (who does serious road bike trips across Colorado) with a 30th Birthday gift.  I asked her to take multiple pictures of their weekend adventures, including some photos of him and his bike.  This painting received a very happy reaction!  

Scott's Ride


8" x 10"

Jean Cuchiaro