Aspen Glow, Oil, 30x 40"
Red Mountain Truck, Oil, 24_ x 30_
Just Peachy, Oil, 20x20"
Purple Hummingbird, Oil, 4 x 4"
"Colorado Sunshine", Oil, 12" x 12"
Four-wheeling!, Oil, 9x 12"
"Two Sisters"  (Peonies), Oil, 24x36
Late Winter Pond, Oil, 48x36"
pig, Oil, 4x4"
Oil and Mixed Media Paintings
Landscapes, Blooms and Figurative Art
by a Colorado Artist

Tel. 719-661-2291 I

© 2016 by Jean Cuchiaro

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    Late Winter Pond, Oil, 48x36"

    Closeup perspective of a late winter shallow pond in Colorado showing nature's beautiful artifacts above and below the water surface, the sky's reflection and the shadows from the trees above. The promise of spring is illuminated by the green grasses at the water's edge.